Your benefits

  • Single parts, very small and small runs
  • Economical bulk production runs
  • Ready-to-use functional parts
  • Comprehensive in-house machining and finishing centres
  • Short delivery lead times,
  • 24-hour service available
  • ISO9001:2008 certified supplier
  • Comprehensive service options

Express-telephone +86 573 860 306 09

GTFAST Fastener Express – turned and precision components in record time

GTFAST Fastener Express is a comprehensive program of turned and precision components, produced within a very short space of time. The service can produce a single component for a prototype, or a small or very small run; it even covers medium-sized runs. The manufactured parts are ready-to-use functional parts which, at a later stage, will usually need to be manufactured economically in bulk manufacturing runs to the same characteristics. Because GTFAST Fastener Express is a specially set-up organisation, administrative work is kept to a minimum. Incoming orders go directly to the Technical Assessment department. GTFAST has comprehensive in-house machining and wire-drawing centres. As for parts finishing(heat treatment, electroplating) ,we turn to outsource services.